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Unschooling and 3 Reasons Why it Might be Perfect for Your Family

If you wanted to learn more about unschooling, then you came to the right place. In this article we will unpack just what it is and how it might benefit you and your family!

What is Unschooling?

Unschooling is a learning method that is becoming more and more popular, especially in the wake of the Coronavirus and students learning from home. Parents are starting to recognize that a different kind of learning can be just as beneficial to their student as traditional school, or even more so. This increase in visibility, especially in the benefits of unschooling, is causing people to ask what exactly it entails. So, what is unschooling? Well, unschooling is a student directed learning method that focuses on organic learning.

This means that students, whether at home or at an unschooling based institution, are receiving an education that is tailored to them. They do not face the typical time constraints or workload of traditional schools but rather are given the opportunity to learn according to their passions, personalities and preferred learning methods.

Unschooling differs from traditional school as it is not a structure-based curriculum that teaches students specific knowledge or subjects designed for large quantities of students. It also differs from homeschooling, which is a common misconception as the two are mistakenly used interchangeably. However, homeschooling often follows a structured curriculum while unschooling is primarily interest-led. They do overlap in that both are usually in the home and stray from traditional schooling.

The Benefits of Unschooling

The benefits of unschooling largely lie in its student-directed focus and flexibility as the student is free to learn from their natural environment and experiences rather than to sit in a classroom. This method has encouraged growth in many students and has proven effective as many proud adopters of the method would agree. Of course this freedom offered to students comes in varying degrees depending on how the parent wants to structure or not structure their student’s education. If you are thinking of unschooling, below we have the three main reasons why unschooling may be perfect for your family.

Reason 1: Traditional schooling isn't fitting your child’s needs

  • Your child experiences a lack of motivation in a traditional school setting.

  • Especially for students with learning disabilities, traditional schooling may not offer all that your student deserves.

  • Your child has no freedom to travel and learn in real life, free from a desk to grow independently.

Reason 2: Your child needs freedom to explore their passions

  • Traditional schooling has a very structured and general curriculum that doesn't fit your child's learning style

  • The schooling does not leave much room for creativity or flexibility.

  • Your child’s passions are not encouraged or developed in a traditional setting.

Reason 3:Your child needs an education made just for them, not the crowd.

  • Your child would benefit from learning at their own pace

  • Your child would better develop maturity and independence with their learning in their own hands

  • Your child would have a better education when built to their learning style and without the distraction of 20-30 other kids

Unschooling and AlexMath

Unschooling can seem very scary when you decide to take your child’s learning into your own hands and home. But AlexMath supplemental learning can help ease some of that burden by providing math basics instruction in a way that will engage and grow your child. Our short one-on-one instructor sessions will ensure that your child receives adequate attention and instruction that fits their learning style. Also, our brief daily practice will add an element of fun to your child’s day because they won’t be glued to a desk for long periods of time and our online worksheet technology will reward students who show improvement. Our technology does this by populating fewer problems to work on as they prove mastery in a skill. Just like in a game, they will feel excited to continue on, and they will not only be learning math skills, but independence, confidence, and dedication.

To learn more about how AlexMath can work alongside you and your child in an unschooling environment, join a free orientation call with us to get started or just get more information. We would love to meet and support you!

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