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AlexMath instructors teach targeted lessons to students in a virtual setting. With the support of our curriculum, they build and encourage students skills in math.     


Guide students with our easy-to-follow curriculum. 


Make a competitive wage with our company or franchise models. 


Work from home in an all-virtual setting.


Receive teaching development and training on our system. 


One student requires 2 sessions per week, at 30 minutes per session.  


Set work schedule based on availability. 

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Company Model

Through the company model, instructors become employees of AlexMath. 

Instructors are matched with students that sign up though AlexMath. 

Instructors are paid on an hourly basis, at $18-22/hr. 

Franchise Model

Through the franchise model, instructors are running their own business with the support of the AlexMath platform and curriculum. 

Instructors are responsible for acquiring and billing their own students. 

Instructors earn $200-250/month per student, and pay AlexMath $30 per student to use our platform and curriculum.  

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