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The Power of Private Lessons

Private instruction is so valuable because it offers our children many benefits that a group setting simply cannot. Whether it be music lessons or math tutoring, private instruction has the ability to make a significant academic and social impact on your child. At school, our children learn by spending most of their time in a classroom. This setting does most of the heavy lifting when it comes to education, yet it has its shortcomings too. The classroom is built to teach anywhere from 30-40 students in most schools, which can be overwhelming for one teacher. Of course a lesson can be shared easily with the greatest number of students, but it doesn't guarantee that your child will truly learn. As a result, parents have to consider many questions when deciding if traditional schooling is enough to support their child.

And that is where private lessons come in. They act as the perfect supplement to keep your kids on the right path. As such, we have outlined a few of our favorite benefits about private lessons below.

1. Having a tailored plan

  • Especially in tutoring, kids have different pain points when it comes to the time and attention they need to conquer difficult subjects. To best learn, they need their own custom-built plan created just for them, that builds off their strengths and shores up their weaknesses. Private instruction offers that as all the focus remains on your child and not 30 others.

2. Personal connection

  • In addition to providing personalized academic help, the private lesson instructor significantly enhances students’ confidence and self-esteem, as reported by the National Center for Education Research (NCER) recent studies. There is an interpersonal opportunity to build trust between the instructor and your child, which makes it even easier for the child to listen and respond to what they say.

Now, these are just a few of the reasons why private lessons may be right for your child, but they are important ones. The supplemental learning is invaluable and will ensure that your child is prepared for their future. One of the hardest subjects for students to stay on track with is actually math. Students easily fall behind in math more than any other subject and that is why AlexMath’s supplemental tutoring can be helpful. AlexMath offers students an individualized program that is reinforced by their own private instructor. Your student will finally have the time and ability to overcome the math concepts that were keeping them behind in school. At AlexMath, we believe that your child has the potential to conquer math, and we are just here to help your child get to that place where they believe it too.

To learn more about our supplemental program, click the button below to register for a free parent orientation where we will provide a brief overview of our program and answer any questions you may have before signing up. We would love to see you there!

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