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Kindergarten Classroom

Affordable Math Program to Meet Your Unschooling Needs.

Join a Free Parent Orientation with Dr. Tran to learn more about AlexMath's unique approach. We can't wait to support you on your unschooling journey! 

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What Can You Expect?

Learn more about AlexMath's Learning Method.

All your questions will be answered and the AlexMath method explained by our CEO Dr. Tran.

Understand your kid's needs in math.

Your kids will complete a 5 minute online assessment to reveal their math proficiency level.

Get an individualized lesson plan.

The Instructor will prepare an individualized lesson plan for your kids and support them as they progress through Alex Math.

What Parents are Saying

3rd & 6th Grade Parent

"I can see my kids' amazing progress in 9 months."

8th Grade Parent

"AlexMath is cost effective compared to hourly tutoring."

6th Grade Parent

"My son seems more motivated to do math because of you."

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